Welcome to the domain of the Calavera Contingent (tm), a digital media group since 1998.

We are interested in various forms of digital media but our passion is the design of web sites. Since the 1990s, we have created and maintained fan web sites on comedian Margaret Cho and actor James Duval. We have also assisted others on their own web presence as well as put in some time designing for non-profit groups. (tm) was the incubator, if you will, for a few fan web sites on musicians that have grown enough to have their own domain name. R.I.P. to the past sections of our site: Skullblog, Ask Skullet, Skull Cards, and the sites ported over from university days (pre-1998). On the whole, (tm) is an exciting testing ground for the development of web sites.

We have seen the rise and fall of Netscape, the shift from Movable Type to WordPress, and the rise of Web 2.0. We look forward to the future of digital media and the ever shifting metamorphosis of the Calavera Contingent (tm) and (tm).